Kelly, Toss, Robin, Teddie
My name is Linda Husson and I live in northeast Pennsylvania. My
passion is my them, competing with them,
playing with them, loving them, and enjoying their
I started this obsession in 1985 with my first dog, a Sheltie from
a pet store, and I quickly found it necessary to learn about dog
training & behavior, as I had no idea how to handle my new
little problem child! My neurotic puppy mill dog managed to
earn the obedience title of Utility Dog in AKC as well as in
Canada, and she taught me so much.
Thank you, Kelly.
My next Sheltie came from a reputable breeder (Lesson #1), and
he was a once-in-a-lifetime dog. Teddie showed me a whole
new level of obedience competition, earning an AKC Obedience
Trial Championship, placing in many tournaments, and ranking
amongst the Top 10 Obedience Shelties in the country in his
prime. After a long & successful career in competitive
Obedience, Teddie entered the sport of Agility at age 7,
earning multiple titles including the USDAA Master Agility Dog
title, up until his full retirement at age 12 1/2. He was a very
special dog and I am so privileged to have had him as my
companion for 14 years.
Currently all of my dogs are Border Collies. Our primary interest
is Agility, with Herding & Flyball being our other addictions.
Seven of my Border Collies have earned their USDAA Agility Dog
Championships amongst other titles. They can all be seen on
these webpages.
I am not a breeder but have been fortunate in having some
wonderful breeders choose my dogs for stud, and I'm very proud
of the pups that Token, Dandy & Tempo have sired.
Because of my dogs, I have traveled and made friends from all
around the world; my dogs have opened doors for me that I
could never have  imagined in my wildest dreams. Crazy dog
lady? Yes...lucky me :)
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